When I first went into business for myself, I thought that I needed to be all serious, and whilst the work I do is serious, I just do not take myself that seriously and the photos that I had taken three years ago, didn't really reflect who I was (they are lovely photos don't get me wrong), but what I have now, are so aligned to my brand, that it's not funny!

Fi, thank you for capturing me like this, I am thrilled with the results, you caught me as I am and I couldn't be happier with the results. This just reiterated to me how incredibly important Personal branding is. If you need a brand update, or are starting out, Fi is your gal!


Emma McQueen

Her creativity was beyond what I thought possible.  

Fi does my product photography as well as my personal brand photography and people do not stop saying WOW!

Her work has hands down changed my business from a hobby to a million dollar business within 12 months. It's of course the best decision I've ever made.


Laura Harris

Her work has changed my business from a hobby to a million dollar business.

“I have struggled over the years to find a photographer that “gets me”. Not only does Fi get me, she makes me better! I find myself relaxed and comfortable around her which enables her to do her best work, and me to show up as my best self.

It’s rare that you look at a photo of yourself without a critical eye, and, to be immodest, I look at the photos she has taken and find myself saying “I love me in this photo!”

I use her images across all my social media and websites. Not only are they beautiful photos, they are also practical. Her advice on how to use the photos to build your social media, online and branding presence and positioning is gold.

I would not hesitate in recommending Fi Mims.”


Donna McGeorge

Not only are they beautiful photos, they are also practical.

I get so nervous in front of a stills camera and she has an amazing way of bringing fun and ease into our branding shoots. I'm always getting comments about the pics she took and am happy to refer anyone on to her. 


Lisa Corduff

Fi is a GENIUS! 

“Fi was fab from start to finish. She made me feel comfortable the whole day, and I had a ball. From my facebook ads to website banners to speaker headshots – it’s made such a significant difference to the level that I play at in my business and I can honestly, hand on heart say that working with Fi has helped me to Play Big, Brand Bold in the exact way I’ve always wanted to!

I can’t recommend the work that Fi does highly enough.”


Suzanne Chadwick

Working with Fi helped me to Play Big, Brand Bold in the exact way I’ve always wanted to.

“Recently completing my third branding session with Fi, I am thrilled with the photos. Fi has an amazing ability to capture the full personality of her clients in any setting and I always thoroughly enjoy my sessions with her. I am blown away by the number of great images and am proud to use them everywhere!

I highly recommend Fi to anyone considering a branding update.”


Vanessa Medling

Fi has an amazing ability to capture the full personality of her clients in any setting.

“I wanted a new look and feel for my business and knew that new pics were part of this. I was nervous about choosing a photographer and wanted someone experienced and importantly someone I could relate to and would be able to be myself.

 I made a conscious decision to spend more and call in the expert and I’m so glad I did! It’s made such a difference to how I feel about adding a photo to my linkedIn posts and our website.

People have commented that Fi has captured our spark, our exuberance and the relaxed yet professional approach we have. Exactly what we wanted.”


Chris Power

I made a conscious decision to spend more and call in the expert and I’m so glad I did!

“Like many people, I’m quite camera shy, so I was nervous about booking a branding photography session. Turns out there was nothing to fear!

Not only did Fi make me look fabulous, she made me feel comfortable and confident from the moment I first got in touch. Her detailed pre-shoot guidelines ensured I was prepared with props, wardrobe choices and shot selections. On the day, Fi’s friendly approach helped my nerves fade away.

I’m thrilled with my final images and can’t wait to show them off.”


Alicia Kacar

Fi is a superstar photographer and an absolute dream to work with.

“We've had several headshot sessions for our team over the years and they were all bog standard, professional shots that served a purpose. Then along came Fi through a referral. Wow, how different.

Beautiful photography that really captured our style and personality. Our images spoke volumes. The way she staged them, and us personally really added authenticity and spontaneity, and we even looked great! Refreshingly different. Love your work, Fi.


Lyn Cairs

Beautiful photography that really captured our style and personality. 

You instantly feel relaxed around her, even if you hate getting photos taken (which I do). And her photos are always just gorgeous, couldn’t recommend more and can’t wait for our next shoot.

Kate McKibbin

You instantly feel relaxed around her.

“Fi helps you connect to the essence of who you are. Her ability to make you laugh and have fun whilst having your photo taken means that the “real you” gets’ to shine through.

She directs in a light-hearted way to get the best out of you, which makes having a session with her a confidence-building experience where you feel taller and lighter, and that’s before you see your amazing photos!”


Mei Ouw

Having a session with her is a confidence-building experience.  

“When Fi did my photos it was fun (I know – who would have thought???)
AND the results were brilliant.

The result was a big range of images to suit so many purposes, and have
received so much positive feedback on the pics.”


Corrinne Armour

Need to update your image?
Talk to Fi. You will be delighted.

“I cannot recommend Fi Mims services highly enough.

I recently completed a personal branding shoot with Fi and have been delighted with the results.

For anyone needing to get professional shots done, Fi is the best”


Jason Back

Fi is the best.

“Having professional photos taken is not always easy, but with Fi, it was an absolute blast!

Fi is a warm, attentive, insightful, creative professional who knows how to get the best from her clients. I have already recommended her to a number of my contacts and will continue to do so without hesitation.

Thanks again Fi – you are truly delightful!”


Anneli Blundell 

The process was easy, clear and fun from start to finish.

“From our initial contact, all the way through the photo session, and then following up with the final selection of images, she was an absolute pleasure to work with. I was working to an extremely tight time frame which Fi managed with good grace and ease.

Her technique, use of lights, ability to capture that perfect moment and just overall professionalism was stellar!

I am beyond pleased with my images and can only state that if you are looking for someone to capture those unique characteristics that make you ‘you’, make you feel relaxed and confident and give you the greatest images you could ask for, then Fi is your ‘go-to’ photographer.”


Jade Walker-Clarke

I am beyond pleased with my images. 

“I felt a slight lack of confidence in myself as a business owner until I did the photoshoot. I felt so comfortable showing all aspects of my personality, and when I saw the finished photos I was blown away by how they captured me perfectly.

It was the perfect transition from feeling slightly shy as a businesswoman into stepping into my power as one. The variety, the angles, the colours, locations, and the lighting was perfect.

And Fi was fun, friendly and professional the whole time. A perfect experience. “

Mindset coach, speaker, facilitator

Megan Jaworski

A perfect experience.

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