Tell us about your business – what do you do, who are your clients, and why do they choose you? I hand make sustainable knitwear. The brand has been built with a passion to look after our planet, with a passion to help people understand the processes involved in making clothes. It’s very sad that we […]

Meet Julie from sustainable knitwear brand flocci


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Torquay Personal Branding

Often, clients tell me they’ve put off their shoot for quite some time, waiting to feel ‘ready’. My advice? Book now, then get ready! Booking a shoot with plenty of prep time means you have space to get clear on what you’d like to achieve at your session.  That could mean understanding what your brand […]

Leap Before You Look


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A new brand and website need new images – no argument! That’s what Chris Power, of Power Projects, wanted when she contacted me to book a branding photoshoot with her and business partner, Warren Smith. Their zone of genius: improving the effectiveness of workplaces, and they do that by improving the quality of leadership, unlocking the […]

A Powerful Brand Refresh…

Personal Branding

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