Personal branding for Emma McQueen

Find out why waiting too long to update your images is bad for business.

Five reasons why it’s important to update your brand images regularly


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Fi Mims Photography

Did you know I started my photography career in the wedding industry? Photography was a career choice I dreamed about for a long time before deciding to give it a go, and after taking out my first ever loan ($6000 which at the time which felt like $60,000) I enrolled in a two-year part-time course […]

Lessons from my years as a wedding photographer


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Emma McQueen

With all the changes happening at the moment – particularly in Victoria, the ‘state of disaster’ – you would be completely normal to feel all over the place at the moment.  Whether you’re still able to work, or stuck at home, there’s no doubt we are all feeling heavily, negatively impacted by our circumstances – […]

The Ripple Effect we all Need Right Now

Personal Branding

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