My 3 Best Tips to Look Great in Photos

December 7, 2021

Learn my best tips for looking amazing in photos and step in front of the camera with confidence this Summer!

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If I had a dollar for every person that told me they didn’t like having their photo taken, I would be sitting on a beach somewhere warm right now enjoying early retirement instead of at my desk churning out galleries for clients.

Yes, it’s a common fact, not many of us like being in front of the camera.  But … believe it or not there is a science to looking good in front of the camera, and it’s not about being born with the right height or cheekbones.  If we could all learn just a few basic rules on how to hit a flattering pose in a few seconds, those party photos we all dread … let’s just say they wouldn’t be so dreaded!  Instead, you may even get excited about creating some fun memories with family and friends.  Because that’s what you’re creating when you take a photo – a memory that you will be able to look back on and treasure, and even more importantly, memories that your kids and the next generations will be able to treasure. 

So, with Christmas approaching in a few weeks, let me help you find more confidence when it’s time to step up, smile, and capture those Christmas snaps you never look forward to.  Because, whether you’re wearing reindeer antlers on your head or not, making memories can – and should – be enjoyable and fun!

Note that these tips I’m about to share with you are the exact same tips I use when I’m photographing my clients.  So, if you’ve ever looked at my images and thought you don’t have the ability to look that good on camera, you’re wrong. Anyone can look good on camera when they’ve been guided into poses that are flattering.  And yes, that includes you.


If there was only one tip I could give people for improving a pose, this would be it!  Most people smile at the camera with their head slightly back, raising the chin and placing too much emphasis on the neck. But by pushing your chin forward and then slightly down, you’ll achieve 2 things – a more engaging shot (as the viewer will be looking directly into your eyes), and a more flattering shape for your face. The trick with this is to make the shift subtle: if you go too far it won’t look natural, but done right you will improve your photo enormously.


How you angle the shoulders in a pose can make all the difference to an image. Your shoulders are the widest part of your body, so if you face square onto the camera they will add a lot of visual weight to your image, potentially making you look boxy and wider than you actually are.  Instead, try angling your shoulders in the direction of the camera; you’ll lessen the visual impact they have and it will narrow the width of your body.  This is a super quick fix, an easy pose to hit quickly, and women in particular love it as it slims them down for the camera.  


When having their photo taken, most people have the tendency to lean away from the camera.  Because the further away we get from that scary black piece of equipment the better we’re going to look, right?  Wrong!

By keeping your weight back in your hips and leaning slightly towards the camera with your torso, you’ll be creating a much more flattering look.  The closest body part to the camera by default becomes the focus, so by leaning towards the camera you will be narrowing down the rest of your body and making sure your face is what people are drawn to. 

There are many more posing tips and techniques that can be used to help create the look you want in a photo, and by putting yourself in the hands of a professional photographer when it’s time to update your brand photography this knowledge is part of what you’re getting.  But if you use these three simple tips anytime – for party pics, family snaps, or those social media selfies we all need to take occasionally – I guarantee you’ll be able to improve your images and who knows, maybe even love them! 

Not many of us love being in front of the camera, but if you learn how to pose yourself so you can achieve the most flattering look, my hope is that you’ll be able to relax more and enjoy it!

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